Securit Private Valuts Mailboxes
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Guard Control Room
Professionally trained security personnel monitor electronic camera surveillance and alarm systems 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year. All guard control rooms are designed to archives all surveillance records, withstand power failures, control the temperature inside and outside the vault and maintains two way radio communications. Reception office and guard room is surrounded by bullet proof glass that is able to withstand an attack by an AK47 assault rifle.

Iris Scan Technology

Securit Private Vaults, Inc., uses the latest Iris Recognition Technology to offer the ultimate protection to the private vault deposit boxes. Every human iris is unique. Compared to other biometrics, iris recognition is the most accurate, fastest and scalable option. An Iris pattern will not change over time as that of finger, hand, voice and facial characteristics does; meaning that, barring trauma, one enrollment is good for life.

Each Securit Private Vaults, Inc., location is built to serve as a modern day fortress from the ground floor up. All private vault deposit boxes are located behind foot thick walls of steel reinforced concrete and two mantrap secured state of the art vault doors. Access to the vault and vault deposit boxes complies with the highest Bank Vault Security Standards specifications. Our security systems carry SABS Category 5 certification.

Mantrap Secure Vault Doors
Entry into the vault is protected by two Mantrap Steel inner and outer plates of vault doors that are welded together to form a solid structure endorsing a layer of barrier material. This barrier provides double secure protection against any conceivable attempts using high speed drills, explosives, forcing tools or torches.

Monitoring Cameras and Motion Detectors
are equipped with sophisticated multi-tiered security camera and motion detection systems.

Halon Fire Safety Equipment
Locations are equipped with Halon fire protection systems. Halon is an extraordinary effective fire extinguishing agent. A key benefit of Halon system, is its ability to extinguish fire without the production of residues that could damage the assets being protected.

Armed Response

Each location is linked to Armed Security Response Teams as well as local police enforcement authorities. Armed response personnel will be on standby at all times to ensure Securit Private Vaults' clientele have the utmost "Peace of Mind".



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