Securit Private Valuts Mailboxes
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More Security Than a Bank
Securit Private Vaults requires the account holders iris eye scan that opens a secure vault door, then your personal PIN number that opens a second secure vault door. In addition to these security measures, you have the ONLY set of keys given to you at registration, to your private vault deposit box. No employees of Securit Private Vaults will accompany you into the private vault.

More Options Than a Bank Deposit Box

Securit Private Vaults has many more unique sizes of private vault deposit boxes, custom gun safes, private wine storage lockers, large personal private vault storage rooms, and we are more accessible than your local bank.

Access 24/7

Securit Private Vaults eliminates your worries about having to deal with banking hours, bank holidays, and bank closings. Securit Private Vaults locations are open 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, and 365 days a year, for you to access your private vault deposit box.

More Secure Than Your Home Safe

Having a home safe, it is more than likely that a number of people know you have one. Family and friends talk, even innocently, and the secret can get out to dishonest people. Any home safe can be broken into within a matter of minutes.
If in a home invasion or robber breaks into your home and holds a weapon to
your head or a loved ones head, you would be forced to open your home safe immediately.

Anonymous and Private
Securit Private Vaults does not rent private vault deposit boxes by name nor do
we ask for your identification, social security number, or employment information. Your private vault deposit box can only be opened with the ONLY set of keys
given to you at the time of registration. No one can access your private vault deposit box with out you. This advantage alone will save countless hours of frustration and provides “Ultimate Protection and Peace of Mind.” Remember, “We Are Not Your Agent”.

Store Your Gun Collections

Securit Private Vaults offers private gun vaults for its clientele with the same anonymity and accessibility as our regular private vault deposit boxes. Store your unloaded valuable gun collections with complete privacy, in state of the art designed gun storage safes.

Artwork and Wine Storage

Securit Private Vaults offers climate controlled safe vault rooms to store your most valuable wines and priceless art collections.

Peace of Mind
Having your personal valuables, precious metals, jewelry, guns and investment collectibles stored in a modern day vault, constructed of steel reinforced concrete, protected by a sophisticated multi-tiered security systems and monitored by highly trained professionals 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year, Securit Private Vaults provides its clientele with “Peace of Mind”.

Other Vault Features

   · Solid Steel Reinforced Concrete Construction
   · Sophisticated Multi-Tiered Security Systems
   · Guarded 24/7 - 365 Days A Year
   · Iris Eye Scan Technology For Identification
   · Personal Pin-Code Access Technology
   · Mantrap Secure Vault Doors
   · Monitoring Cameras and Motion Detectors
   · Smoke and Carbon Monoxide Detectors
   · Resistant up to Category 5 Hurricanes
   · Private Viewing Rooms For Your Comfort
   · Large Private Vault Rooms
   · Climate Controlled Vault
   · Safe Rooms For Your Comfort
   · Professional and Courteous Trained Staff
   · Armored Unmarked Vehicle Services
   · Backup Generators
   · Halon Fire Safety Equipment

Vault Box Sizes

Vault Storage Boxes range in size from 3”x 5”x 24” up to vault
rooms 6 ft x 8 ft x 10 ft. Within each private vault deposit box there is a self-contained metal covered box that allows for easy access to your possessions.
» Customized private vault deposit boxes are available in a range of sizes for items requiring specialized bin storage, such as guns, paintings, wines, computer disks storage and etc.
.. All vault rooms are temperature controlled.

US Postal Private Mailboxes
3” x 5” · 5” x 5” · 11” x 5.5”


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